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We’ve seen the struggle with buying bras online, and we thought: no way things couldn’t be easier and smoother! So, we launched our own online lingerie and underwear boutique with the idea that every girl should find her perfect fit — may it be bras, panties, swimsuits, or daily fashion.


Meet the Girls


Naomi has been in the lingerie industry since 2001. She has been an owner of a boutique since 2014 and loves every second of helping women look and feel their best. She enjoys a good coffee, traveling with her husband and daughter and of-course a good laugh with her best friend and business partner.

Her Favorite Items:

Elomi Smooth Panty.webp


Dawna has been in the lingerie industry since 2006. She has been an owner of a boutique since 2014 and loves helping women find solutions to their everyday wardrobe whoas. She enjoys spending time at Lucky Valley Ranch drinking coffee and watching her longhorns as well as being a mama and a nawna! She can’t wait to show you that you are not defined by your size.

Her Favorite Items:

Fantasie Aura Bra.webp
Embrace Lace Gown.webp
Kancan Jeans.jpeg


Tristen has been one of The Girls since June 2022 and is the one member of the team who does NOT like coffee lol. She prefers sippin’ on sweet tea, hanging out with her dog and off-roading with her husband! You click it…she will stick it…in the mail!

Her Favorite Items:

Wacoal Back Appeal Non-Underwire.webp
Parfait Cozy Hipster.webp
Graphic Tees and Shackets.webp


Jessica has been one of The Girls since July 2021 and also loves a good dose of caffeine! She enjoys photography and spending time with her husband and son. As one of our lead Fit Specialists, she can’t wait to be the girl that helps your girls!

Her Favorite Items:

Parfait Adriana Bralette.webp
Elomi Smooth Panty2.webp
Risen Jeans.webp

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Have difficulties finding what you need? Don’t worry. The Girls are custom-fitting experts who can help you find the right bra, underwear, or swimsuit that feels and looks good on you.

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